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Daily activity is an important part of life for seniors.  Our Adult Day Care Program offers daily activities to provide physical and mental stimulation.


Seniors will be involved in a caring, stimulating, and enjoyable environment that support and encourage the capacity to maintain independence, self-care and promote positive feelings of dignity, self-worth and daily enjoyment. 



Outdoor activities will provide enjoyment and encourage physical activity and stimulation for the body, mind and spirit. We recognize that a variety of activities are important so we offer various ones for seniors to choose from that will promote enjoyment, independence, physical and mental stimulation.


  • Outdoor games

  • Walking 

  • Park outings

  • Mall trips



Physical activity is good for the mind, body and spirit so we encourage and offer this activity daily.


Before our seniors can engage in any physical activity they must provide their physician's approval for our records. 


Meditation will be conducted daily.



Music nourishes the brain. For a person with a neurological impairment, music can "stimulate a sense of identity as nothing else can," says neurologist Oliver Sacks, who writes about the evocative powers of music in a previous bestseller, Musicophilia, and in the November O magazine.




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