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A Joyful Heart offers services focused on supporting the needs of seniors in the community.

Our goal is to keep seniors engaged, active, stimulated, and increase their quality of life.


Some of the services provided at A Joyful Heart Senior Services are:  Adult Day Care, Senior Referral Services, Personal Errand Services, and Transportation.

A Joyful Heart offers a variety of services for seniors in our community.  The services are listed below:


Senior Center & Adult Day Care:

"Help Keep your independence".  We provide activities for seniors in a caring environment offering mental and sensory stimulation, music therapy, socialization and recreational activities.


Agency For Persons with Disability (APD) Provider:

A Provider for APD. We offer educational, recreational and exercise programs for our clients.  We also provide nutritious meals. 

Senior Referral Services:

The following services will be provided by licensed, experienced and independent professionals: 

  • Assisted Living Placement

  • Medicare & Medicaid Support                                         

  • Palliative, Caregiver, Caretaker workshops & support

  • Social Security Disability 

  • Estate & Financial Planning

  • Identity Theft Protection

  • Reverse Mortgages

  • Vacation Planning

  • Educational workshops (Eg. Diabetes)


Personal Errand Services: 

We are dedicated to making life easy for seniors by taking care of things they CAN NOT or DO NOT want to do. Our experienced staff offer assistance where ever we are needed, from reading to running errands or making reservations. We take pride in personally understanding our clients and maintaining a caring approach to service.  No task is too big or small…It is our pleasure to help!


Example of Errand Services

  • Drop off/pick up – doctor’s appointment

  • Pick up: Grocery, prescription, dry cleaning, mail, etc.

  • Organizing/unpacking

  • Daily Call ins

  • Errands of any type

  • Meal Preparation

​Our fees structure is competitive and reasonable to accommodate seniors


Our goal is to provide our valued clients with the highest level of service possible. We provide transportation to seniors who need transporting to various venues. We offer competitive prices for transportation to and from doctor's appointments, nursing homes, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs), etc.  Our experienced  and courteous staff will take you where you need to go with care.



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